A positive and open organisational culture includes not only compliance with legal and internal requirements, but also the responsible handling of reports of suspected misconduct and/or breaches of rules. Serious reports help us to counteract misconduct and/or breaches of rules at an early stage and to prevent damage to BOKU, our employees, stakeholders, our business and cooperation partners as well as other persons working at BOKU or professionally connected to BOKU. 
You can find more information in our FAQ section.

This is how our reporting-system ensures that you are protected
  • No identifying information is given to the contact persons.
  • Your report will be adapted to make it even more anonymous. This means that we remove double punctuation and lowercase all words.
  • All information is encrypted end-to-end, so your sensitive information is safe.
This is how you protect yourself
  • You do not use a company network (internet / VPN), but access the link via your own private internet connection, for example.
  • You do not use a device (smartphone, computer, etc.) provided by your employer, but use, for example, your private tablet or smartphone.
  • You do not use phrases or abbreviations that you frequently use in conversations or emails.